The firm was founded in 2003 by Adv. Ziv Lev and is a leading boutique law firm specializing in the fields of real estate, litigation, commercial law, mediation and settlement of disputes. By setting uncompromising standards of professionalism, quality, creativity and integrity, the firm stands out amongst Israeli law firms, and is involved in many transactions, projects and litigation cases. 

The firm represents entrepreneurs as well as real estate developers, corporations (both private and public), non-profit associations, institutional entities, startups s and private clients. The firm is highly experienced in dealing with the leading financial entities in Israel and it offersits clients legal services of the highest standard. The firm highlights devotion as a benchmark standard in order to provide its clients with personal and professional services, while maintaining availability and providing real time solutions around the clock. The firm’s vision is to keep developing while assuring its clients with a personal service provided the firm’s partners.

The firm’s departments, led by outstanding attorneys with a proven track record, work together to offer the firm’s clients the best service for maintaining prosperous business activity. Some of the firm’s clients were previously an opposite party in a transaction or litigation case and chose to acquire Ziv Lev & Co.’s services after recognizing its high level of professionalism and unique advantages. 

All of the partners have grown from within the firm, which views both its professional and its administrative staff as the most important asset and thus invests greatly in its professional skills.

The firm is committed to excellence and to providing uncompromising professional service, and constantly strives to uphold the highest professional standards, while finding creative solutions and successfully managing complex business and legal challenges. The firm views the involvement of its partners in all cases as a fundamental core value.

The Firm’s meticulous adherence to these principles over the years is what has led the firm to its current high status, and is set to lead the firm to significant achievements in the future.

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